Hashim & Mia Garrett are co-founders of Wisdom & Understanding, LLC; a consulting firm that offers solutions to issues that face today’s youth. Married for 10 years with 2 children, they’ve delivered their powerful message throughout 4 continents collaborating with various organizations, providing lectures, presentations, workshops, and retreats. 


They share their own life stories and lessons from a depth of personal experiences: Hashim, a survivor of gun violence, and Mia, who struggled with undiagnosed mental illness. Their honest approach resonates with audience members, instilling a greater sense of purpose and a renewed passion for life. 


Today, Mia is a nurse, Youtube blogger, and GIA® Accredited Jewelry Professional. She uses a multiplicity of talents to impact young women around the world. Hashim decided to forgive his assailant and is an aspiring author, sought after motivational speaker and successful business owner. They hope their message will change your life.


What we do

Holding Hands


Individualized Life-Coaching designed to support you on your journey



Group workshops and presentations for your NonProfit, Company, or School

Flower in Hand


Giving back to Communities in need & planting seeds one person at a time