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Hashim & Mia Garrett are co-founders of Wisdom & Understanding, LLC; a consulting firm that offers solutions to issues that face today’s youth. Married for over 12 years with 2 children, they’ve delivered their powerful message throughout 4 continents collaborating with various organizations, providing lectures, presentations, workshops, and retreats. 


They share their own life stories and lessons from a depth of personal experiences: Hashim, a survivor of gun violence, and Mia, who struggled with undiagnosed mental illness. Their honest approach resonates with audience members, instilling a greater sense of purpose and a renewed passion for life. Mia dedicates her time and talents to improving the lives of young people. Having decided to forgive his assailant, today Hashim is a sought after motivational speaker and successful business owner. They hope their message will change your life.

What we do

What we do

Holding Hands


Individualized Life-Coaching designed to support you on your journey



Group workshops and presentations for your NonProfit, Company, or School

Flower in Hand


Giving back to Communities in need & planting seeds one person at a time

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