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Mia Garrett


"I'm passionate about inspiring others, and forgiveness is one way to do that. Forgiveness opens the door to your long awaited future, once closed by revenge and regret."

-Mia Garrett


A middle child from a blended family, Mia's early years were filled with a love for writing and music with an uncanny ability to spark up a conversation. An accomplished musician by her early teens, she excelled in school while secretly battling anxiety and depression. Eventually, maladaptive behaviors to cope with daily stressors would lead to an unfortunate turn of events, leaving Mia homeless as a teenager, relying on the kindness of others to survive. Chance interactions with perfect strangers would change her life forever. On Mia's route to self-discovery, she was empowered by the words "Courage" - "Attitude" - "Forgive", these words permeated Mia's heart, healing the wounds left behind by emotional trauma. Finding destiny and purpose amidst the devastation, Mia decided that her life would not be defined by her past. 

Today, a wife, mother, nurse, blogger, ASCAP member, and GIA® Accredited Jewelry Professional, Mia uses her talents to impact the world around her. Uniquely skilled in identifying the gifts in other young women, Mia shares her story and grants perspective on how to meet life's challenges, develop sources of strength and live a genuinely happy life. 

Topics Covered:

  • Metal Health​

  • Emotional Health

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Female Empowerment

  • Alternate Education

Intended Audiences:

  • Grade 5-8 & Highschoolers

  • Teenage Mothers

  • Parents of At-Risk Youth

  • Survivors of Abuse

  • Educational Administration

  • Religious Groups


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